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then you walk by my window

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.the girl.
scorpio. sadistic. red head. tv whore. fandom whore. movie whore. reader. book lover. ps cs lover. fangirl. photographer. graphic maker. sarcastic. shy. quiet. forgetful. techy. free thinker. obvious. guarded. curious. midwestern.
.The People.
Drake Bell. Katie Cassidy. Matt Dallas. Josh Peck. Jensen Ackles. Jared Padalecki. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Michael Rosenbaum. Micheal Weatherly. Skeet Ulrich. Kiefer Sutherland. Elisha Cuthbert. Joshua Jackson. Chad Micheal Murray. James Lafferty. Sophia Bush. Brian Greenberg. Tom Welling. Jessica Alba. Gaspard Ulliel. Jason Schwartzman. Kirsten Dunst. Johnny Depp. Lee Norris. Bethany Joy Galeotti. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gael Garcia Bernal. Hilarie Burton. Christian Kane. Shawn Ashmore. Danneel Harris. Patrick Fugit. Emile Hirsch. Joaquin Phoenix. Josh Hartnett. Stacy Dupree. Taylor Hanson. Andrew Mcmahon. Kristen Bell. Adam Lazzara. Aaron Gillespie.
.The Shows and Movies.
Drake and Josh. Kyle XY. Gossip Girl. Supernatural. 24. Jericho. Bones. House. CSI. One Tree Hill. Smallville. Dark Angel. Dawsons Creek. Weeds. Ghost Whisperer. The Black Donnellys. October Road. NCIS. The Boondock Saints. Devour. House of Wax. The Girl Next Door. The Quiet. Rest Stop. Cry_wolf. A Very Long Engagement. The Last Day. External Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. The Science of Sleep. Bad Education. Marie Antoinette. The Virgin Suicides. The Departed. 10 Things I Hate About You. Brick. Cruel Intentions. Pulse. Walk The Line. Ladder 49. Lady In The Water. From Hell.
.The Affiliates.
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